Nexson Spiral Heat Exchanger (SPHE)


The main benefits are:
• Self cleaning effect in each channel
• Compact size unit
• No dead zone in the channels
• Robustness (high pressure and temperature)
• Work in difficult operational conditions of fatigue, erosion and with fouling fluids

The Steam/Heater Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger or SPHE is commonly used to heat a fouling, viscous fluids by using steam. The steam circulates in an opened channel on the complete width of the unit (cross flow) and the heavy fluids is circulating in spiral flow in the second channel to get best of the SPHE specific self cleaning effect. Anyhow, this channel can be easily inspected and eventually cleaned by simply opening the cover.


Refinery, Oil & gas, Petrochemicals, coke oven gas, steel, mining, pulp & paper, municipal and industrial waste water treatment…All fluid types containing fiber, particles, sludges and other viscous of abrasive medias.
It is Possible to use it as:
• To heat a fouling fluid by mean of steam on shell side