Multiple choices and designs

XLG® Heat Exchangers provide various designs choices that are specially tailored to your process such as standard industrial water heating/cooling, pharmaceutical, hygienic/sanitary products, food products and slurry, etc.

Optimal Design

XLG®  Heat Exchangers designs are based on modern computers and programs which results in the most optimum design of heat exchangers customized individually to your requirement. Such optimization benefits the customer economically without compromising performance values.



Name Commonly used types:
Juices, Vegetables & Beverages -XLG® M Multitube
-XLG® S Tube in Tube
-XLG® SD Series
Energy Recovery -XLG® I Series
-XLG® S Tube in Tube
Sauce & Soup -XLG® T Triple Tube
-XLG® S Tube in Tube
-XLG® M Multitube
Sanitary Hot water -XLG® I Series
Milk & Dairy -XLG® M Multitube
-XLG® T Tripletube
Waste Water -XLG® S Tube in Tube
-XLG® I-Series
Oils & Fats -XLG® I-Series
-XLG® M Multitube
Pharmaceutical & Biotech -XLG® PH Pharmagrades
-XLG® S Tube-in-Tube

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