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Advantages of FUNKE Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE):

low investment, operation and maintenance costs
highly efficient heat transfer (K-values on average 3-5 times higher than in the case of bare-tube heat exchangers)
asymmetrical flow gap available for the most cost-effective solutions
use of smallest temperature differences </= 1 K
up to 75% less space required
self-cleaning effect due to highly turbulent flow behaviour
subsequent capacity adjustment high safety with regard to media mixing
easy to open/clean
low operating weight/ low liquid content Capacity

Standard Model Series of Plate Heat Exchangers

FUNKE offers wide range of plate heat exchangers in terms of area of exchanger oriented to customer requirement. FUNKE plates design has a distinctive asymmetrical plate grooves that allow high efficiency and cost effective heat transfer solutions in which performance are approximately 17% higher than nay conventional plate heat exchangers in the market.

Funke Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

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