Spiral Heat Exchanger

We are a official distributor to Nexson-Group which is located in France for their Spiral Heat Exchanger products. Spiral Heat Exchanger is a high strength and efficiency heat exchanger for large process application. Due to spiral design, it is able to work in extreme pressure, temperature and viscous condition, as an alternative to shell & tube heat exchangers.


  • Single Channel
  • Self Cleaning effect
  • Fouling duties
  • Tough process conditions

Nexson Spiral Heat Exchanger Types & Application






As the most common type, it is used for liquid-to-liquid, gas-to-gas and gas-to-liquid heat exchange.
The high temperature fluid comes in through the inlet, located in

 center of the main body, to flow fromoutside to the inside. Due to this counter flow,
high-efficiency heat exchange is available and can be used for a tiny difference in temperature.
Any type of installation (vertical or horizontal is possible according to the usage.







This type is suitable for reboilers and evaporators for all kinds of fluid especially in the vacuum status and a low pressure condition.
The flow rate of air is maintained at a proper level even for a large volume, and the pressure loss is minimized.
It can be used for multi purposes by vertically connecting three units in a row.








This type is suitable for cooling and heating of gas and the condenser for processing large-volume gases
(at a low pressure or vacuum) and mixture of gas and/or liquid. The low-temperature fluid comes in though the inlet,
located on the side of the main body, to flow to inside along the spiral fluid passage while the high-temperature fluid
comes in through the top and vertically flows to the bottom.

The both ends of the heat transfer plates on the side of the low-temperature fluid passage is blocked by welding,
and the high temperature plates are all opened. In most cases, this type of heat exchanger is installed vertically,
but horizontal installation is also available according to the usage.




This type is mostly used for the liquid-vapor exchanges such as heaters, coolers and condensers,
and has wide range of use. The low-temperature fluid comes in through the side of the main body
to spirally flow into the inside while the high temperature vapor comes in through the top.
And the flowed-in air distributed evenly to the front and center parts of the opened spiral-typed
fluid passage, which generates combined flow in the spiral and axis directions.
The condensed liquid an the non-condensed gas are discharged separately to different outlets.

Type 1

Standard industrial model

  • Energy Saving
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Compact Size and Robust
  • Self Cleaning Effect
  • No dead zones in channels
  • Standard model or customized
Nexson Type 1

Type 2

Commonly used for 2 phase conditions

  • Condensation
  • Evaporation
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • Condensation under vacuum
  • Column Mounted
  • Low Maintenance Cost

Type 3

Commonly used as a steam heater

  • Condensation
  • Negligible Pressure Drop
  • Low Maintenance Cost


Agro Industries Chemical Industry Heavy Industry Environment/Bioenergy
• Starch
• Vegetable Oils
• Brewery
• Food Industry
• Sugar Industry
• Petrochemical
• Refinery
• Oil & Gas

• Mining
• Pulp & Paper
• Coke Oven Plant
• Steel Plant

• Sewage Treatment-Biogas Plant
• Laundry

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