Small Volume

70% smaller footprint
Lighter weight
Easily Transportable

Fully Welded

Withstand high pressure
Withstand stress variation
Special plate pack weld technology that allows for even
distribution of stress

Longer Uptime

Strong Turbulent
Better Heat transfer
High design pressure & temperature

Optimal Design

Customizable even for the toughest fluid
Less fouling
Less risk of leak/crack
No gasket

Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger Concept

Below shows the basic concept of a single plate pack in a PSHE. The plates are arrange as shown below with 1 plate turned 180 to one side and welded to
the first plate which the plate pack is a multiple of welded plates assembled.

Shell Arrangements

Below shows the basic shell arrangement of a fully welded PSHE:

  1. End Plate
  2. Plate Pack
  3. Flow Direction
  4. Mantel/Shell

Other Features

Flow Directors

Different plate pack orientation to direct the flow of the fluid for different applications

  1. General Applicaiton
  2. Gas Application
  3. Flooded Evaporators
  4. Condensers
  5. Combined Evaporators


The PSHE is also capable of running multi-pass application by using stoppers in between shell & plate pack or in between plates.

  1. Plate Pack
  2. Flow Directors
  3. Shell Side Stoppers

Case Study

Size Comparison - STHE vs PSHE

16 MW Steam condenser at power plant. Replacing existing Shell and
Tube heat exchangers.

Gasoline Cooler

Ammonia condenser in chemical plant, a Vahterus type 14HH-202/1/1 model
coming with a strainer installed in cooling water inlet.

Concept Video

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