The HeatMatrix® LUVO is a ‘gas/gas’ heat exchanger that increases efficiency of industrial boilers by integrating hot flue gas with cold combustion air. This configuration improves efficiency by up to 4%. The exchanger fits on every boiler and is easy to install.

LUVO Applications

Steam and hot water boilers
• Biomass and biogas boilers
• Industrial drying processes

LUVO Properties

• 3 times more compact than existing LUVO’s
• 10 times less weight compared to existing LUVO’s
• Easy plug and play installation
• Corrosion resistant to any flue gas

LUVO Benefits

• Save energy costs
• Fits on every boiler
• Simple and robust
• Compact and lightweight

The HeatMatrix® LUVO consists of plastic internals contained in a stainless steel frame. The internals are resistant to high temperatures (230 °C) and acidic components such as sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid. For highly corrosive duties, the stainless steel parts have an acid resistant coating.

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