Finned Tube Heat Exchanger is one of our main product

There are multiple application and industries in which Finned tube heat exchangers are used. Where it is typically used for air or gas processes.


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arrow Economizer
arrow Condenser
arrow Heater
arrow Cooler
arrow Palletized Cooler


arrow Fat & Oil Refinery
arrow Oil & Gas
arrow Petrochemical
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Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Concept

We are able to offer equivalent dimension finned tube heat exchanger for replacement or design from scratch based on any process data given.

Standard Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Technical Specification:
1) Design Temperature: Up to 300C
2) Design Pressure: Up to 1.5 Mpa
3) Tube Connection Diameter: DN25 – DN100
Other specification range are subject to request based on user requirement.

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