System Solution

CIP System & Skid

Our CIP skid comes in different sizes and equipment all catered to you process requirement:
1) Simple & Flexible Solution
Multiple presets or packages of CIP Skid that comes with necessary equipment.
2) Compact
Compact design of the system to have all item in one small Skid for saving space.
3) Customizable
Modification can be made to each packages’ item on demand.

Water Heating System

Quick and Simple solution!

Simple heating system which hot water is heated up with steam. Hot water will be supplied
to process line and return to the heat exchanger after usage.

Heat Recovery System

We have multiple solutions for different types of heat recovery, each considering the application,
fluid and capacity, namely:

1) Flue Gas Heat Recovery
2) Air Heat Recovery
3) Water Heat Recovery

Our wide variety of heat exchanger types ensure that our system solutions are
optimized for your process.